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Are You Sitting Pretty?

For many of us these days our working life involves sitting at a desk, hammering away at the keyboard. At the end of the day, we get up, stretch and creak a little, then head home. Most of us are aware of such problems as RSI and eye-strain, and some of us even consider the ergonomics of our environment. But just how much attention do we pay to our posture throughout the working day and the effect it can have...

Cheap calls via the network

You could save on your phone bill instantly. By dialing 18185 before each call, you will profit from the lowest rates possible. Just sign up for the service (this will only take a minute) and you are set to go! You will keep your regular (BT) phone number, while the costs for calls made via the 18185 network will be significantly cheaper, you do not need to change a supplier to save money. Dialing a UK mobile...