Turn Your Life In To A Healthy Life

It’s easy to get trapped into thinking you have to shell out loads of money to become fit and toned. That’s what the advertisers and manufacturers want you to think. But it’s not true at all. Here are five great ways to stay fit for free.

1. Walk, walk, walk

Many people pass off walking as boring or don’t think it’s great exercise. The truth is that taking a daily walk is the number one thing you can do for your health.

Walking helps you in numerous ways:

  • It increases your circulation.
  • Gets your heart pumping.
  • Helps regulate your digestive system.

Commit to taking a ten to twenty minute walk each day and you will soon notice a difference in your energy level. Walking every day is also a very simple and effective way to shed those extra pounds.

2. Ride your bike

About 42 percent of Britons own a bike, but how many actually use them? Dust off your bike and start riding. Besides being great exercise, biking can save you money.

Opt to cycle to work instead of:

  • Taking public transport.
  • Driving your car.
  • Using a Motorbike.
  • Taking The Train or Bus

Not only will you be reducing air pollution and be doing your bit for reducing your carbon footprint.

3. Time out with the kids

Remember those games from childhood such as “tag” and “hide and seek”? You didn’t realise it as a child, but those games are a fun and easy way to sneak in some extra exercise. Plus, your children will love it because:

  • You are outside playing with them.
  • They get quality time with you.

4. Use technology

There’s truly an app for everything these days. So use them! Browse your app store and choose one or more that are related to fitness.

They can help you monitor your daily exercise, give you tips on:

  • How to burn more calories.
  • Help you find the closest gym or walking trail.
  • Distance covered
  • Improvements overs days – weeks – months
  • Diet Plans

5. Participate in a Green Gym

If you can’t have a garden where you live, go help out at one of the 95 Green Gyms around the country. Here you can help plant, weed and clear paths. You get to be outdoors and do physical activities you wouldn’t normally. If other forms of exercise bore you, try a Green Gym.

These are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of fun and free ways to keep fit. Use this list as a jump start to get you and your family moving this year.


Peter has received many accreditation's including many from the Times Online. As founder of You Could Save (2005) , What Stationers (2007) and more recently, Peter Millikin (2018). Peter regularly helps consumers and national organisation ‘save money’. He believes that the only successful way to bring people together online is to provide an open marketplace where people can all work together in a friendly, unbiased environment.

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