One of the scariest times in any parent’s life is when their son or daughter gets their first car. To make things easier on both of you, here is a few safety tips you need to teach your young driver!

Do not use your phone while driving

Talking on your mobile while driving can be dangerous, as it takes your mind and focus off of the road. The new danger, however, is texting while driving. Numerous studies have been performed that shows that texting while driving is extremely dangerous. People of all ages continue to be killed because of texting and driving. Teach your teen that the car is not the place to text or update your Facebook status. Encourage them to turn off texting and other notifications and concentrate on driving.

Be extra careful at night

The highest proportion of crashes happen in the evenings and early mornings. When the sun sets, many drivers feel that the roads are safer and can be tempted to drive faster. Additionally, night time is often seen as a time of fun for the younger driver as many listen to loud music and mess around. The illusion of the roads being safer at night and the association of fun with darkness can be a lethal combination. Night time and early morning driving can cause slower reactions for the best drivers so imagine what it’s like for the inexperienced driver!

Minimise Passengers

Enforce the rule that your teen carries no more than one passenger at a time while driving. There risk for an accident with a teen driver is five times higher if there are two or more passengers in the car.

Eat and put on makeup at home

There are a host of distractions out there for drivers of all ages. Eating on the run has become common in our society, but a driver that is eating is more distracted and more likely to crash. Girls tend to use this time to brush their hair, or even put on makeup. Teach your offspring to leave enough time at home to do these things.

Avoid any alcohol

This seems obvious but still needs to be said. Drinking and driving is dangerous and destructive. Be the parent that allows your child to call home if they have had a drink with the promise that you’ll pay for the Taxi!

Note: Drivers who engage in the use of cannabis before driving are not only breaking the law, but are also just as likely to be involved in an accident and someone who has been drinking.


You may be scoffing at the notion that you can enforce anything or get your teen to do anything but there are two points for all parents to remember that can help them help their child be a safe driver.

First of all, teaching your children about safe driving starts before they get their driving licence. All through their life you can talk to them about driving and how to drive safely. Every time you are in the vehicle with your child is an opportune time to discuss safe driving.
Secondly, example speaks louder than words. If you lecture about driving while drinking but your child knows you just downed a couple glasses of wine before leaving for a dinner party, your lecture will fall on deaf ears. Model the habits of a safe driver at all times so they can learn by your example.


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