In a tough economy and competitive job market it is not unusual for an employee to become discouraged at work, especially if there have been a redundancies and there is pressure on staff to work harder and longer hours.

There are some things that a manager can do to create a positive atmosphere at work!


One of the most important things that a manager can do at work is to build trust with their employees. If they say they are going to do something they must follow through with it. This show the staff that the person is charge is reliable and dependable, and above all consistent. A manager has to be honest with employees even in tough situations. Once the employees know they can trust their management to be honest the work environment will become more positive.


Communication is very important. An employee needs to feel valued and feel like their ideas are important. In order to create a positive atmosphere when an employee has a suggestion, question, or problem concerning their work, the manager needs to take the time to listen to them. The manager should also openly communicate the goals of the company with the employees and take suggestions on how to meet these goals. Feedback an also be given about these ideas and suggestions on how to improve them as well.


When a person is held to high expectations they will strive to meet these expectations. Adults do not like to let the people around them down. If a manager holds an employee to these expectations they will rise to meet them.

Team Spirit

People need to feel like they need to belong to something that is bigger than them. Employees will do better in an office where there is team spirit. If the staff feels unified they will work harder, call out less, and fell important in their job duties. They are also less likely to leave their job or look for other employment opportunities.


Everybody likes to feel like they are appreciated. Compliments go a long way with employees. When an employee does something right the manager can give them a compliment. Also basic manner make the atmosphere in the office a lot more positive. Saying things like “please” and “thank you” make a big difference in the workplace. To make things more positive everyone should get into the habit of using good manners!

These are just some ways to create a positive office environment. When the employees feel appreciated and have good manners the workplace will be a better place.


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