Holiday travel can be hectic. Although it is fun to spend the time with family and friends away from the office, it can be stressful to fight the holiday crowds, and difficult to prepare for nearly any event. Packing the right way with the right set of luggage can make one part of your stressful holidays so much easier.

The folks over at are having a contest, with a chance win a fabulous piece of Antler luggage. All you need to do is share your best packing tips to survive the holiday travel rush.

Here are a few from You Could Save!

1:  Pack light. Choose just one suitcase that will hold everything you need for the entire trip. Leave out the things you do not need, and leave everything work related at home for once. This will let you really relax and enjoy the holidays.

2:  Prepare for any possible weather. One thing about travelling this time of year is the unpredictability of the weather in most parts of the world. Even if you are going to an exotic location be sure to pack at least two warms outfits. You will need one for your way home, and one for that day when the unexpected cold front moves in. It happens more than you realize.

3:  Take an extra bag with you. This can be a duffle bag or a collapsible bag you can fit in your suitcase. Although you may ship your Christmas gifts ahead of time, you do not know if you’ll have the chance to make it to the post office before you come home. An extra bag allows you to pack up what you got and bring it home on the plane. Plus you can store any awesome buys you score while you’re travelling.

4:  Make your carry on count. Look for a carry on you can easily get into if you need to, but that will store well in the overhead bins. Delays and cancelled flights are not uncommon over the holidays due to the winter weather and the increased number of travellers. Use your carry on effectively and be sure to pack something to do, a toothbrush, and whatever essentials you need to keep yourself feeling fresh and human. This will make a big difference in your ability to cope with the situation. If you are travelling with children be sure that you pack plenty for them to do and to eat while travelling in their carry ons. If you can keep your children happy and calm, the trip will be so much easier for everyone involved.

What’s your best or worst holiday travelling story? Fly over to to share your christmas luggage essential tips.



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