Most of the time, a bit of online gaming or betting is harmless; as long as you don’t go overboard with expenditure on the bingo or poker sites it can be a good bit of fun. However, there are some that take it too far and end up in serious money worries because of their addiction.

There are many ways to deal with such a problem, but one of the easiest is the use of online vouchers or e currency, as it’s become to be known as. Using e currency restricts the total amount able to be spent and is also a very safe process that removes the risk of online fraud.

What is e currency?

Ukash offer a system where vouchers or pre-paid cards that can be purchased from numerous outlets with cash or card to purchase shopping online, pay for online games or even be used to pay for dating sites. For a better idea, there is a full list of Ukash poker sites as well as bingo and betting sites.

The use of digital currency is growing, with both the Netherlands and Hong Kong implementing nationwide systems solely for the use of Ukash and e currency.

Why use Ukash e currency?

The Ukash system for purchasing e currency or digital currency is one that only allows spending limited to how much is on the voucher or pre-paid card purchased. For example, if you hand over £50 cash you’ll receive a voucher worth £50 and will only be able to spend £50 online.

This means that when using poker, betting or bingo sites you will be able to limit the amount of expenditure by the voucher you’ve purchased and so won’t be tempted to spend any more because you simply won’t be able to.

Safety is also a big concern and with Ukash, the risk of online fraud is non-existent because no bank details are exchanged and no company is being given the liberty to take money out of your account.

It is rare that people are able to stay so anonymous online and so the ability to have such privacy and security is quite a privilege. To have this luxury though it is imperative that anybody looking to use Ukash to stick to sites that use the Ukash symbol.

Ukash exchange

Another great feature is the ability to use Ukash exchange to change the currency of your Ukash voucher and it is possible to use the service through sites as PayPal, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Western Union. Again, only look for sites with the Ukash logo when using this system.


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