Until recently, the revolution that internet calls offered to businesses was only available to large companies – the business owners that could stump up a hefty investment in installation and infrastructure. Thankfully this is no longer the case.

The benefits of an internet-call-based system are now available to all businesses for very low set up costs and minimal installation issues. It has never been easier to take advantage of the benefits of a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system and here are some of its potential benefits.

Call costs

To understand how your call costs will be lowered, you need to understand how VoIP phone systems work. Instead of carrying your call over a physical network of copper wires, your call is carried by the network offered by the internet. This means there are substantial savings to be had for local, national and international calls. In addition, any call to the same network provider is free.
Freedom from the tyranny of geography

Consider a business based in Leeds servicing local customers and with a client base in Manchester. VoIP services would allow this business to take virtual numbers with a Manchester dialling code. This means customers feel reassured and can make calls to the office at a local rate rather than a national rate.

Should this hypothetical business ever move, it can take all its numbers with it by simply moving the VoIP adapters. There would be no cost and no hassle.

Similarly, by taking the VoIP adapter and plugging it in elsewhere, an office phone number can travel with you when you travel – even if you are going overseas. So customers can still call you on the same number, wherever you are in the world.

Premium features without the premiums

Traditional telephone service providers often levy hefty premiums on businesses for premium features. These features are often available for free with VoIP services. So your business can expect call diversion, caller display, call hunt (where the phone diverts to other phones if not answered) and call waiting.

You can also take advantage of visual voicemail which can send your voicemails as text emails. This means you need no longer cradle the receiver as you try and scribble down details of messages that have been left for you. It also means you no longer even have to pick up the phone to pick up those messages.

Predictable bills

One of the greatest problems businesses can face are unpredictable costs. The unlimited call packages offered by business VoIP service providers eliminate the risk and shock of an unexpectedly high bill.

A truly smart phone

With the offer of cheap calls locally, nationally and internationally, low set-up cost, a range of additional features for free and portability, there are so many ways that internet calls can save your business time and money. VoIP phones have revolutionised the ways business use phones and helped cut costs at the same time. This is where the smart money is.


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