Some avoid seeing the dentist like they would a plague. Yet, a small tooth problem can easily become a bigger one. Unfortunately, when a tooth starts deteriorating, other non-tooth related health problems usually emerge; all of these health ailments can easily add up.

Open Wide This Won’t Hurt!

Here are some quick tips that will help get you to the dentist and, hopefully, save you some money in the process.

Figure out the root cause – Excuse the pun!

Some associate the dentist with traumatic childhood memories. Others cannot stand the infamous smell of the dentist. Some hate the feel of the metal tools and their uncomfortable probing. Some harbour negative feelings and emotions about their teeth. The drilling sound can sometimes be enough for some people to walk straight out the door. If you pinpoint exactly what turns you off about going to the dentist, then you know what type of questions to ask when you are searching for a dentist locally.

Search for the right dentist

You can make your search as simple or as complicated as you like. Some go with an easy route and just ask friends and family for referrals. A quick online search can also be extremely helpful. Read reviews about what others had to say about their experience. Once you’ve narrowed your search, try giving your top picks a call. If the staff are friendly and helpful, then you might muster the courage to make an appointment.

I know firsthand what a difference the right dentist can make. Two months ago, I couldn’t physically walk into a dental practice until I found a Debtist who put me at ease.

Search for the right environment

Also, keep in mind that dental practices might have changed since you last made your visit (which could have been decades ago). Many dentists recognise that there is a need for a better dental environment, and some have gone on to create one. You can now find bath spa dentistry where you can get your cosmetic and beauty treatments done during your dentist appointment. Some dentists create relaxing environments with their practices overlooking beautiful scenery, like waterfalls.

For those with extreme cases of anxiety and fear, many more dentists are offering forms of sedation to help get you through it. Depending on the degree of anxiety or fear, a patient can take a small pill or can even opt for general anesthetic.

While these services will be pricier, if they get you to the dentist more often, then they are worth the investment. Root canals and dental reconstructive surgery will be more expensive in the long run.

Negative thoughts

Your mind tends to make things worse than they really are. You never know how good or bad your experience will be until you get there. Even if you have to practice breathing techniques throughout your visit, you should at least try to get through it.


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