If you are looking to save money on your energy bills it can be a very time consuming and confusing time if you don’t have access to the right information.

F1 Energy in Worthing are leading independent energy consultants specialised in working with small to medium sized businesses and charities to help reduce costs. With a dedicated network of experienced consultants offering a range of business energy management and energy solutions this is being met with positivity among a large range of clients.

Since the deregulation of the energy market in the late 90s, there has been a flood of complaints due to customers being poorly treated by salespeople within the energy market. This has caused a new generation of complaints and problems for many businesses. Many companies do not know who to turn to and as a result, are being drawn into unwelcome and time-consuming discussion in an attempt to resolve their energy billing needs.

With an extensive knowledge, expertise and direct contacts within the energy industry, F1 Energy Limited are able to shortcut or bypass communications which enables them to effectively assist in finding the correct and most cost effective solution. In some cases saving money can be achieved just by renegotiating with the same supplier to accomplish you better terms.

Their aim is to provide you with full peace of mind. Being rest assured and fully knowing where you stand, you will be clear in understanding what your regular commitments and cost base equate to, which will enable you to smarter budget and focus your commitments on your core business.

For high users of energy like Nursing & Care Homes, Pubs, Inns & Hotels, and Restaurants this area of saving can often be overlooked.


Peter has received many accreditation's including many from the Times Online. As founder of You Could Save (2005) , What Stationers (2007) and more recently, Peter Millikin (2018). Peter regularly helps consumers and national organisation ‘save money’. He believes that the only successful way to bring people together online is to provide an open marketplace where people can all work together in a friendly, unbiased environment.

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