One positive side effect of the after-recession period is the fact that property prices in the UK have been steadily going down. Last year, for instance, house prices have been falling a few months in a row, making the competition on the property market stiffer than ever.

If you are also going to put your home up for sale in 2013, it’s time to brush up your sales tactics and make your property stand out from the rest of the competition. Here are five basic steps to give your home a makeover without spending much.

1. Remove knotweed from your property

Japanese knotweed is widespread in a large range of environments damaging buildings and roads as it can grow a metre in a month even below concrete. If you have the intruder on your property, it’s time to consider a Japanese knotweed treatment to prevent further spreading before it’s too late. Fortunately, there are ecologically friendly means to get rid of the plant such as stem injections, for example.

2. Remember about a good first impression

Experts say that buyers make their purchasing decisions within the first 30 seconds of looking at your home. As you can’t make a first impression twice, take care of the entrance and make sure your home looks welcoming in advance. Replace your old door with a new one if necessary and apply a fresh coat of paint where it looks neglected.

3. Clean and declutter your home

To showcase the beauty of your home interior, make sure there’s no clutter, dirt, or dust. Clean everything that needs to be cleaned including mirro

rs, carpets, rugs, curtains, blinds, hardwood floors, furniture, and windows as well as the toilet and the kitchen sink. Depersonalise your home as much as possible by removing items like old clothes and family memorabilia as you’re planning to move anyways.

4. Update general interior

You don’t want your home to look old and not taken care of so update all interior elements that are missing or look shabby.  If the walls and ceilings don’t look fresh, repaint them. Take care of loose stair boards and ripped carpeting and reinstall the toilet if it doesn’t work properly.

5. Prepare for the show

These are the basic steps to make your home look more attractive, which is essential with the ongoing competition for buyers. Small things like modern light switches and stylish new blinds can sometimes change the whole picture so prepare your home for showings. Open all curtains and blinds and add lights where natural light is unavailable. Get rid of odours, remove pets from the house and empty the garbage bin. Getting fresh flowers to the living room is also a great move.


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