Financial pressures on most household budgets are continuing to mount up, so now is the perfect time to look at making simple savings on your monthly outgoings. One area of expenditure that benefits from a spring clean (at any time of the year) is those all-important energy supply costs.

Here are five easy ways to make the most of savings that might already be available to you:

Reduce consumption

It seems obvious, but the simplest way to reduce your gas bill is to cut down on the amount of gas you actually use. Changing the way you consume energy doesn’t mean you have to make sacrifices. In fact, being more responsible with these resources and understanding how your energy consumption has wider impacts is all that is needed to make reductions.

Invest in insulation

Making sure that your home is properly insulated can make a huge difference to fuel bills in the colder months. There are many government initiatives and programmes aimed at helping people reduce their carbon emissions, and some of these address the issue of insulation. An energy efficient home not only gives you the benefit of saving money on your bills but also helps the environment.

Find the best tariff

Being on the best value tariff for your energy supply is of particular importance these days, especially as there are a wide range of different products on offer. Sometimes it can be as simple as making sure you use a ‘duel fuel’ service and buy your gas and electricity from the same supplier.

Using an online comparison site is the best and quickest way to take a look at the various packages and make an informed decision on which offers you the best value for money.

Consider dual fuel

Gas and electricity prices fluctuate because the companies that supply our domestic needs buy the resources on the open international wholesale market. This means that their costs are passed onto the consumer. One way to make sure you are immune to the ebb and flow of prices is to take a ‘fixed rate’ tariff, whereby the price per unit is set for a specific term.

Select the best payment method

The method by which you pay your bill can also have an impact on the price you pay. The cheapest and most reliable way to pay is by direct debit, and most companies now offer the option of a fixed rate spread over a twelve month period or a flexible amount which accurately reflects your day-to-day usage.


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