If you have been able to keep up with news this week you will see it’s not only healthy cats that have been making it in to the bins this week.

On BBC1 this Wednesday evening came the television program “Great British Waste Menu”.

The television program highlighted the huge amounts of good food that is thrown away before and after it reaches us at the supermarket. During the program several chefs were rummaging around supermarket bins and farmers land picking up scraps to make healthy, quality meals for a group of food critics.

The chefs travelled around the UK with empty vans visiting supermarket bins and removing huge amounts of edible food, generally the food was perfectly OK and was mainly just cosmetically damaged. This was shocking to see the volumes wasted as this  food could have been sold off in the supermarket at next to nothing long before in made it to the bins.

Although many supermarkets now how a section where you can purchase damaged goods you don’t see the volumes that was shown on television. After all, they want you to buy goods at full price as this is where supermarkets earn high profits!

In my early career when I was working for a company that supplied goods to the large retail chains I remember how fussy they were! It was all about size and looks. Anything they would have rejected we tried to sell to small shops but demand was not big enough.  Generally one third of the stock was thrown away.

Now twenty years on we are even fussier as a nation, even sell by dates are getting  shorter and shorter. When the UK is in such a financial crisis this wasted food could be used or given away to charity, not thrown in a bin.

I wanted to streamline my waste at home and got some great tips from the blog owner Karren Cannard from the rubbish diet blog. I was able to slim my bin in just 8 weeks! And by recycling my washing machine and purchasing a refurbished model not only saved be over £150 earlier in the year but saved the landfill sites from yet another appliance being dumped.

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