Viber is a new way to call people from your iphone for FREE. Viber works just like you default phone application. You have your contacts, your missed calls, even your favourites as they appear on your phone now.

So what makes the Viber application so special?

When your friends also have Viber installed on their phones you can call them for free.

On trying the Viber application out I found the call quality wasn’t brilliant and I lost the call two or three times in the space of 5 minutes. However,  I didn’t have a brilliant wifi connection which could have been the reason. (not too sure how this will perform while out and about)

The friends that you can call for nothing will have a Viber badge appear next to their names in your mobile phone book so you will know those calls are not costing you anything, even if they’re long distance or international calls!

If you friends don’t have Viber yet then tell them to install the application too so future calls between your friends will cost you nothing. You can also just place a regular chargeable call to other contacts without even leaving the Viber application.

Unlike similar applications Viber is always on ready to make and receive phone calls so there’s no need to login or go online to receive a call. If you miss a call Viber will always notify you even if your phone was off or you didn’t have service.

All Viber features are 100% FREE and do not require any additional “in application” purchase. You can download it free from the Apple App store.

If you want to find out even more about Viber then visit their website

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