If your boss came to you unexpectedly and offered you Friday afternoon off, would you take it? It’s a no-brainer for most people.

Friday afternoons can be hard to work through as you know the weekend is right around the corner and you may be eager to get started with your weekend plans.

Reports have shown that British workers continually make excuses to take Friday afternoons off. The BBC claimed that “unplanned Friday day’s off “costs companies more than £50 million a year. But what if you legitimately had the afternoon off?

Here’s a fun idea for you and your co-workers to try

Pitch the idea to your boss that if you meet certain milestones or achieve certain goals, you get to take the odd or chosen Friday afternoon off. Be fair, and make sure that the goals you are proposing are both reasonable and doable. Also make sure that they are slightly higher than normal.

For instance, let’s say you work in sales. A normal week at your business results in you making £1,000 in new business sales for your company. So you tell your boss that if you sell £1,500 that week, you get to take Friday afternoon off.

Now, the benefits for you are clear. However, the brilliant part of this plan is that your boss wins too. Why wouldn’t he want increased sales? You are offering to work harder and be more productive than normal. Why shouldn’t increased work and productivity be rewarded?

This can also be a great motivation for your other co-workers. Perhaps you want to phrase it as, “Whoever sells the most this week, gets a Friday afternoon off.” Then you are all in a friendly competition, working harder than ever and vying for that coveted day off.

If your boss likes to donate to charity, invoke his charitable side

Suggest that he or she has a raffle every week, or even every other week, for a Friday afternoon off. Everyone is eligible to buy tickets. The winner of the raffle gets the day off and a favourite charity gets a bigger sum of money than they would otherwise. The raffle is great during hot, sunny, summer months that’s for sure! There are almost unlimited ways you can negotiate a Friday afternoon off. The power of Friday is huge, and many people are even willing to pay for it.

Get a few co-workers together and propose your idea to your boss. Make sure you point out how they benefits from such an arrangement.

Good luck!


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