Some people feel that their marketing budget is wasted on flyers. This is contradicted by businesses like the entertainment industry which still manages to make a lot of money in the UK by using flyers/leaflets to promote their events and concerts.

Flyers and leaflets

The problem is not the use of flyers and leaflets as a mode of marketing, but inability to correctly target their own audience and potential clients.

An example of this is that if you are selling something for men there’s no point in distributing your flyers to women or children, but if you’ve got flyers promoting the latest women’s fitness craze it’s probably a good idea to go to shopping malls and your nearest fitness centres and even local mother and baby groups if you want to think out of the box a little.

Call to action

It is important for the flyer to include a ‘call to action’. Rather than just giving someone a leaflet full of information you can make the leaflet itself part of an offer or promotion that is only lasting until the coming Saturday. Encourage urgency and conversation. It really depends on what you are hoping to achieve with the flyer, and you should have a clear idea of this.


If you are trying to sell a product you could offer a discount on the flyer or leaflet and which can be redeemed with the leaflet itself. Don’t forget to include a phone number and email address, and make sure the email address isn’t a free service like Hotmail or Gmail; this will make the customer question the validity of your service. It’s a better idea to have a domain name and a website with your own personal email addresses. The flyers themselves need not be expensive and take up all your time.


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