Coupon and Voucher CodesIf you’re looking to add some new kit to your car over Christmas, you’re not alone

There’s millions of eager shoppers waiting to get their hands on discounted car accessories and with almost all major retailers set to launch super sales, you need to get ahead of the game.

Whether you’re looking for new sound equipment, fancy an upgraded sat nav or simply want to kit out your interior, nothing is off limits when it comes to festive sales.

To help you get ahead of the crowd, here are our top 5 tips for kitting your car out without breaking the bank.

Voucher Codes

One of the best ways to get money off your purchases is to head online. Savvy internet shoppers know that discount codes are the best way to knock money off your purchase. Major automotive retailers such as Halfords use discount codes to entice shoppers to their sites. Often access to the codes require some sort of loyalty action, however this is usually a newsletter sign up or liking the page on Facebook. Whether you get 10% or 50% off, it definitely pays to search for these deals. A great way to find codes is by using money saving sites, here you will find thousands of likeminded shoppers sharing their own codes and linking you to the right sites. You may also want to try saving on cost by using coupons


The next place you need to bookmark for discount car accessories is eBay, especially over the festive period. The online auction site is the best place to find accessories that may not be available in stores anymore, at competitive prices. There are many tricks to getting the most out of eBay, from searching late at night to get the best bargains to ensuring you watch items to swipe in at the last minute and grab a deal. You can often find many retailers using eBay as a secondary selling tool, with money off. Make sure you look at the seller feedback before you make a purchase and ensure you have good communication with private sellers in case there are any issues in the future. The automotive category is one of the biggest on the site so you will be hard pressed not to find what you want!

Social Media

Social media has transformed the way that we search for bargains online. They are now used as a search engine in their own right and sites such as Facebook are vital to securing the most up to date news on offers and flash sales. Make sure you are following retailers that sell the accessories that you need and keep an eye out for any exclusive discount codes or updates on upcoming sales. Social media is always useful for finding local community groups where you can buy, sell or trade items with people close to you. A quick search for ‘car accessories’ and your local area will no doubt bring up a wide selection of groups with members in your vicinity. Exercise caution when making any payments with sellers in groups like this, always ask to see the item first and keep track of any communication.

Take advantage of the sales

The festive period brings two of the biggest sale days in the calendar, Black Friday and Cyber Money. These are the days where shoppers literally fight to get their hands on the best online deals, and also flock to the shops to get their hands on discount products. Get ahead of the rest and make sure you’re at your computer at midnight when big retailers launch their Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales, traditionally this is a time to find electronic bargains so if you are on the hunt for new Bluetooth kit or a sat nav, you can often get one with around 30% off the RRP. Be quick though, these two days are renowned for their ‘sell out abilities’ so click quick!

Shop around

All of the big stores are already promoting their festive offers, but how do you know that you will be getting the best bargain? Shopping around is definitely the best way to make sure that you get the best deal on car accessories, and there are many online price checker tools that will help you do this. Before you decide to make a purchase, or get sucked in by flashy adverts, take the time to do a price comparison and you may find that a rival retailer is offering more for your money.Coupon and Voucher Codes


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