If you’re over-50 you will find that there are many benefits to opting for an insurance company that specifically provides for your demographic. These sorts of firms tend to have had years of experience working with the older end of the market, and are aware of what they like and the sort of requirements they will have.

What’s more, as premiums for some types of insurance decrease as people get older and become less of a liability, insurers that cater to this age group can pass these savings on to their customers – ensuring they get the best value for their money.

While over-50s have some things in common, every individual will enjoy different things and have different requirements. People who hit the milestone tend to have a little more cash to splash on luxurious holidays, homes and cars, meaning their insurance requirements are a little different to those of their younger counterparts. However, everyone has different tastes and different levels of adventure, meaning that the types of holiday, home and car can differ wildly.

For example, some people might have been planning a gap year after they retire, and want to see the world in a year and take part in lots of daredevil activities. Meanwhile, others can think of nothing better than a fortnight on a Spanish beach – and might even invest in a holiday home. While for some individuals an efficient little car to get them from A to B is more than enough, others will have worked for years to invest in a classic car. Some people will be downsizing after their kids have left while others might want to move to that idyllic farm house in the country they’ve always dreamed of once they’ve retired. What’s more, some people love their jobs and can think of nothing worse than retiring, but some of their generational counterparts have been dreaming of the day they clear out their desk for decades.

Staysure allows the traveller to tailor their insurance to their specific needs. This means that you receive the exact amount of cover you need, are not paying too much and will not be caught short should something go wrong. What’s more, the Staysure takes great pride in their great medical features – surely one of the most important aspects of cover. They understand which conditions may be concerning various age groups and how travelling with some illnesses can sometimes be difficult. This is why they cover 220 pre-existing medical conditions, giving customers the peace of mind that allows the policyholder to just get on and enjoy their holiday safe in the knowledge they have a great safety net in place. These pre-existing conditions include things like macular degeneration, gout and hormone replacement therapy.

In terms of expensive purchases like homes and cars, over-50s providers understand that these are likely to be of more worth more than they would have been when you were 30. The comprehensive policies on offer reflect this, meaning that should something go wrong you won’t be left out of pocket, like you would be if you underinsured your possessions.


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