New year, new start. Planning to spend less, save more or just want a clearer picture of what your money’s up to? Whatever your plans for this year’s finances, OnTrees will make your 2013 resolutions easy to keep.

Described as “the free and simple way to see all your finances in one place”, OnTrees is set to be the next big thing in personal finance management. These kinds of services are huge in the US, with over 10 million people using similar platforms, but the phenomenon has just started to take off in the UK.

Since OnTrees launched in mid-November, thousands of people have registered and added accounts. They have also been featured by Apple as a top finance app in the UK App Store, as well as getting some great coverage across a range of publications:

“A new online service which enables consumers to access all of their bank accounts in one place.” – The Telegraph

“With one log-in, users can track recent transactions across their accounts, see a breakdown of their spending and set up budgets and alerts to manage money more effectively” –ThisIsMoney

“This is an innovative and easy new way to keep track of your finances and we reckon it’s going to be huge.” –’s Website of the Day

“All your balances in one place can help with money management and budgeting… Oh, and it’s free.” – The Independent

OnTrees works by allowing you to track recent transactions across your bank accounts, see a clear breakdown of your spending into categories and set up budgets and alerts to manage your money more effectively. You can create your OnTrees account in seconds and connect your bank accounts in minutes.

Once you’ve added your accounts, your transactions will be sorted into categories so you can see where you’re spending the most. These categories are displayed in helpful graphs and charts. Your spending will also be connected to the OnTrees budgeting tool where you can also set alerts to let you know when you’re reaching your budget (and if you’ve gone over it!).

The other great thing about OnTrees is the Best Buy tables which are put together by financial website of the year, These independent comparison tables make sure you’re getting the best rates on the market from ISAs to fixed rate bonds.

The service was fine-tuned in a two week trial with Mumsnet and NUS members, who helped to develop the site’s household spending tools and multi-account accessibility. Over 75% of trialists said that they would recommend it to a friend. Justine Roberts, CEO and Founder of said: “Mumsnetters who took part in the trial especially liked having all balances available in one place and being able to track transactions.  The budgeting tool also went down well.”

The site and app are both ‘read only’ which means that no one can use them to move money either in or out of your accounts (not even you!).  Your details are entered via a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) so your data is always encrypted and OnTrees does not store any of your personal data. Security is a huge priority for the team at OnTrees, so feel free to get in touch with them for more information by calling 08444 069096 or emailing

It has often been said that a New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other. With OnTrees make sure that this doesn’t happen.


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