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Outsourcing storage or your warehousing is both a flexible and an economical way of reducing costs. By implementing measures like this will enables your business the ability to adjust its overheads in line with fluctuations in demand. The costs of running even a small warehouse are significant. With rent, rates, insurance, utilities, staff wages, forklifts, training, health & safety, maintenance, disrepair costs along with legal fees it can all mount up.

Sussex Transport Warehouse Service offers businesses somewhere to store goods on a permanent or short term basis. The commercial storage facility incorporates over 50,000 sq ft of warehousing, accommodating over 4000 pallets along with crate and box storage areas. Sussex Transport Pick and Pack Service offers you somewhere to store and ship your goods to and from on a pay as you use basis.

Benefits to your business include:

Huge savings by removing its warehousing overheads.

Bulk purchasing enables discounted parcel and pallet deliveries.

Saves you time by managing your stock, orders and deliveries.

Frees up time to concentrate on sales and development of your business.

Sussex Transport also provides nationwide Sameday transport and road haulage services and specialise in the movement of goods from A to B. Their modern diverse fleet has the benefit of arguably the best fleet management technology available on the market today enabling them to pin-point and constantly monitor the real-time movement of all of their vehicles.

This includes time critical, high value, sensitive, fragile, awkward and exhibition centre loads as demonstrated in this video.

With highly trained and motivated staff, combined with their belief in excellent communication is key to the success in the road haulage industry. Ask them how much they can save your business by calling calling 01903 751100


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