Business PeopleIf you have ever felt that businesses should heed your voice more closely, then you will want to be in on this upcoming contest.

You can choose Britain’s most deserving business in a contest sponsored by The winner of the contest will win a Ford transit van and £3,000 cash to help their business grow.

From a cat café to a roofing business to a business promoting activity at work, these businesses are run by hard working people that are working towards their dream. Each business offers special services that aren’t offered at the big warehouses and discount stores. These owners have worked hard to raise money to fund their businesses. In order for any business to grow, more income is a must. By winning this contest, one lucky owner will have a new van and extra working capital to grow their business.

On you can read about the most deserving business campaign and what the business will do with the cash and the van and who nominated them and why. If you are going to vote in this contest, we highly recommend you read the stories. Each story is a story of personal triumph, hard work and dedication. It’s going to be hard to choose only one favourite, as all of these businesses are well-deserving of this prize.

The ten nominees are:

  1. Benna Brophy of Bluebells Pre-School and Mobile Creche
  2. Dean Gerstel of DMG Roofing and Property Repairs
  3. Lauren Pears of Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium
  4. Paul Matthews of Office Fitness
  5. Paul Taylor of NP Removals
  6. Tamsin Aston of Definitely Cake
  7. Lucy Alexander of Berkshire Wedding Hire
  8. David Reed of Fizz Pop Science
  9. Barbara and Laura Daughtery of A Little Luxury
  10. Melanie Price of Hold Upon Heart

If you haven’t heard of these businesses or visited their establishments, now is the time. These are all relatively new businesses and even being nominated for this award will hopefully help their business grow.

Voting closes Friday 31st of May, so be sure to get your votes in soon! Even if you have never used the services of these entrepreneurs, go read the stories and put your vote in. You have the power to grant one of these hard working people a cash prize and a van. Make your voice heard and go vote today.

We are delighted to announce David Reed, founder of Fizz Pop Science was the winner of the Most Deserving Business Award! – See more about his business HERE:


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