Having run late with the green procurement workshop on Monday it left me no time to search the Brighton lanes for a gift for my friend’s Birthday. I remember reading about a company called @purenuffstuff on my twitter follower list so made contact today to find out a little more about their products. I was so impressed with the philosophy of their organisation I wanted to share it with our readers. These products would tick all the boxes if you’re looking for an ideal valentines present.

purenuffstuff.co.uk is owned by Helen and Emily, a pair of friends happily living and working in Cornwall. They became interested in skin care, when they started doing research into what they were putting on their skin. Helen started making soap for her family in her kitchen about 8 years ago and their interest and expertise has just grown from there.

Helen’s background as a quality control chemist and Emily’s history in business management give them the skills to run a cosmetics business, and still learn a huge amount from the customers they have built up. Douglas and Dean joined them in July of 2007 and brought with them some 11 years of soap-making experience. Doug having taught a number of other companies how to make soap decided he’d have more control and scope to experiment using his experience with Purenuffstuff.co.uk. Dean’s organisational experience and attention to detail means that he controls the day to day running of the operation and makes sure that you get exactly what you ordered.

As a company purenuffstuff.co.uk are committed to bringing you some of the most natural cosmetics and skincare around and at a price that means you can use them every day rather than as a special treat. The team lovingly hand make every product in small batches, ensuring that it’s all lovely and fresh and you can enjoy the full 12 months shelf-life.

Most of the product development is customer led and they take note of all feedback and desires of all of their customers. Each product is developed to deal with specific areas of the body and the daily stresses they undergo. Because of the production methods used they can offer customers a bespoke service and alter the essential oil blends if they’d prefer something else – check out the Custom Made Section, they’re the only company in the country that offers this service so take advantage of it.


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