The term ‘saving money on broadband’ has for some time amounted only to ‘losing efficiency and speed in internet connection’. One could not simply choose a cheaper package, without compromising the pace and stability through which they could access the internet. That was until today however.
John Lewis has stepped into the broadband business, offering competitive prices and a faster service than most providers out there.

Lewis’ Terms
As we set off to compare broadband providers, we’ll start with their most basic service. John Lewis’ Standard Package boasts speeds of 16Mbps. At £11, this is £2 less than the cheapest BT broadband package and at the same speed. However, for just £3.50 a month more you could be using Virgin’s service, which offers speeds of 30Mbps. Plus this Virgin package also comes at half price (£7.50) a month for the first 6 months.

Fibre-Optic Broadband
When it comes to broadband, fibre-optic internet is the leading technology and the hottest connection method on the market. Its speeds are faster than the old copper wire method that most British internet providers currently use and it is known to be more efficient. Thus when it emerged that John Lewis’ service would be offering fibre-optic broadband, many were whet with appetite and eager to discover the price of such service.

Virgin’s broadband package of up to 100Mbps is priced at £34.75 a month and at a discount cost of £29.75 a month for the first three months. Meanwhile, John Lewis’ Fibre Package, reaches only 38Mb, and is priced at £25 per month. It would seem that Virgin’s package trumps John Lewis’ here again. However it must be remembered that John Lewis are a brand new internet provider. In this respect, some time must be afforded to them, in order for the company to grow. Virgin didn’t just come out and bring the fastest broadband speeds overnight. It took precision and time to develop the technology required, and even more time to ensure its efficiency. Perhaps, we’ll soon be talking of John Lewis as the King of Broadband Speeds then… perhaps.


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