Spinningfields is Turning the Heads of Savvy Investors Looking to Capitalise on the Opportunities in the Financial Core of Manchester

Spinningfields has undergone a period of rapid transformation over recent years, particularly in the last decade, as retail and commercial developments have continuously changed the skyline. Innovative new builds have complemented the city’s existing facades, whilst giving the thriving pocket of Manchester a revamp. Creating a distinctive, contemporary centre has brought many benefits to the city’s urban feel.

Manchester City Council has focused on delivering continuous development throughout the city, guiding growth through Spinningfields to satisfy the needs of supply and demand in the economically competitive climate. In order to sustain growth potential, there is a desire to build on the foundations of the city’s already established success.

The council plays a significant role in working with those desiring to boost developments in Spinningfields, noting that the influx in commercial offering will strengthen the city financially.  According to the council it is important to focus on ‘place shaping’, this refers to the ways in which local players can collectively use their influence, creativity and abilities to create attractive, prosperous communities where people want to live and work, with a view to secure returns and maximise investment.

Securing economic growth potential is a key focus for Spinningfields, therefore the council have taken a strategic role in maintaining momentum by supporting existing and new developments that have the greatest potential to deliver the planned objectives.

Vast regeneration across Manchester’s Spinningfields has not only been devised to propel and secure economic success, but also to bridge the gap between the productivity and wealth presented by London compared to the north.

Designing an escape away from the direct hustle of Manchester city centre has created a dynamic business destination. Attracting UK and overseas investors to Spinningfields has become a central component to the city’s vision to boost its strategy for economic competitiveness.

Housing a plethora of high calibre organisations, major financial and professional services have resided in the area. Over 165 businesses are placing pressure on the need to build suitable modern office space, located within a highly desirable area, served by convenient, reliable transport links.

Spinningfields is becoming a renowned international destination for investors, underpinning its reputation as Manchester’s prime business quarter and world class Knowledge Capital. Proposed developments will advance the economic performance and capabilities of the city, securing its competitiveness in the global market place for jobs, visitors and investment.

Acting as a magnet for investment, Spinningfields has become a hotbed for investors looking to relocate to larger premises, whilst still attracting new investors to the city. This is predominantly due to the idyllic location in the beating heart of Manchester, the state of the art designs and the quality of space giving investor’s confidence.

RW Invest, leading property specialists based in Liverpool, have a diverse portfolio of Manchester based opportunities keen to tap into the steep potential of capital growth and high rental yields.

Spinningfields sets the bar high for urban redevelopment across the city, and has paved the way for the future. If past developments are a hint towards what is to come, the financial gem has firmly secured its prominence for prosperity, innovation and creativity.


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