After a tough 2010 what better way to start the New Year than improve the quality of your meals, whilst at the same time slashing your shopping budget.
Everyone wants to eat the best quality they can afford, but at certain times of the year this is harder than it sounds.

One of the most costly items in any shopping trolley is meat, so finding a way to feed a family for less without compromising on quality is always going to be a challenge.
Online meat retailer claims it can help slash meat shopping bills and at the same time provide consumers with gourmet quality meat.

It believes buying in bulk is the best way to reduce overall costs, and keep the freezer well stocked during the winter months, and by buying gourmet meat which is supplied to top restaurants, quality isn’t compromised.

On average, consumers can save more than 40% on like for like products by buying their meat from the site. was set up by a team of butchers at the famous Smithfield market and is able to keep prices down by selling the gourmet meat in bulk at wholesale prices.

The proof is in the price comparison:

Price per kg
Product Tesco ASDA Sainsbury’s
Lincolnshire Sausages £4.62 £10.32 £5.68 £6.48
Smoked streaky bacon £5.01 £6.56 £6.56 £6.67
Chicken breast fillets £5.95 £13.19 £9.97 £14.49
Boneless pork loin £5.57 £7.50 £7.48 £7.49
Unsmoked whole gammon £4.97 £6.99 £7.98 £9.99
Total £26.12 £44.56 £37.67 £45.12
*Prices correct December 2010

A spokesman for WestinGourmet said: “Most Brits start the New Year by planning ways to improve their lives and we like to think that by shopping at not only will they be able to make the pounds go further, they’ll also be consuming a higher quality of meat.

“It’s been a tough year with substantial food price rises – 1.6% between October and November alone – so it’s easy to see why consumers would be keen to shop smart and look around for the best bargains.

“We hope 2011 will be the year of consumers foregoing supermarket loyalty and instead, demanding better deals on their favourite meats. For too long consumers have had to choose between price and quality but they needn’t have to make that trade-off anymore.

“We only source from the very best UK and international farmers and all the meat we sell is from free to roam farms, the majority of which is organic. On top of that, meat lovers can buy at really competitive prices. We pass the savings on by not cutting the meat before delivery and giving consumers the chance to cut portion sizes to suit their appetite.”

He concluded: “Our range of meats is extensive and growing by the week. Our steaks are certainly our speciality although we have meats to suit every budget, from gourmet burgers and award winning sausages, to top quality chicken and succulent lamb.”


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