Passport? Check. Suitcase packed? Check. Books to read to while away the time travelling? Noticeably absent check.

If this isn’t on your list of things to check off before jetting away on your escapades, then maybe it’s time to add this to your holiday itinerary.

While book sales are notorious for going through the roof around the Christmas period, another season that sees a sharp incline is around the summer months – when holidaymakers turn to reading material as a means of passing the time during their travels.

From autobiographies to crime fiction, there’s a plethora of categories to whet many a reading appetite – but with many people quick to discard a novel as soon as it’s been read, the majority of books are literally being left on the shelf.

However, with many people keen to embrace the ‘reuse, recycle’ culture, the concept of buying used goods has been well-received both in the:

  • Personal sense
  • Professional sense

With several online businesses expanding into this sector in an attempt to promote secondhand sales. As more and more people attempt to save money by selling their possessions as well as looking to purchase used items, this in turn has encouraged the general public to turn to sites in a bid to profit from their unwanted belongings – with one such example being secondhand books.

There’s huge savings in buying used books, and with many kept in excellent condition, can prove to be a great bargain. With many secondhand books significantly reduced in price (often retailing at discounts of more than 50 per cent off), buyers can enjoy the experience of knowing they’re getting a great deal with the option to resell the book – continuing the longevity of the literature by recycling it.

But that’s not all,  not only are you saving money, you’re also saving the planet!

Just one case study according to a recent US infographic.

With over two billion paper books produced in the States each year, this amounts to the equivalent of a staggering 32 million fallen trees – along with 16 tons of paper consumed on a yearly basis by the US publishing industry.

So the next time you think about buying a new book, consider going secondhand. With countless benefits that are both environmentally and economically friendly, search for used books.


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