Modern businesses need good mobile phones to promote staff interaction and make workers fully mobile.

The old office structures are diminishing in favour of much more mobile workforces so the devices they use are an integral part of their job. This used to be the sole domain of Blackberry and they are still very much big players with an excellent range of business focused phones, but now others such as Apple have entered the market with similar email syncing and instant messaging capabilities. Throw in the likes of HTC and Nokia with their One X and Lumia versions respectively and the market abounds with business choice.

Microsoft Office Mobile Applications feature things like Office Mobile Viewers which are available for Android, iPhone and Windows mobile phones. They allow you to view and edit Office documents on your mobile phones. This means that practically any device – Samsung Galaxy 3, Sony Xperia T, HTC 8X etc. – can be a decent business phone with the right applications, although some excel more than others depending on your specific needs.

Apples iTunes store is obviously the place for apps – business apps included – so anyone looking to use business phones for innovative new lines of communication may do well with either the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 as their business phone of choice, each of these handsets can be found online. You can download brilliant communication apps as well as syncing mail and a whole host of other office staples that are making the workplace far more mobile.

Blackberry excels as far as raw functionality and value is concerned although the standards of their newest mobile phones shouldn’t be underestimated. The upcoming Blackberry 10 and associated Blackberry X range will form a nice compliment to the current Blackberry 7 range which is stocked with good business mobile phones – the Curve 9360 and the Bold 9900 being two of the best.

Blackberry’s gigantic email servers can push email, calendars and social networking to your mobile devices with ease and their Curve, Torch and Bold products are still business necessities.


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