In this day and age people are becoming much more creative when finding ways to make money.

Some have turned the art of selling online into a full time job, or just a way to earn a little bit of extra money by selling things you no longer want or need. With disposable income becoming tighter for many households, people have grown much savvier in terms of earning cash on the side, especially through online selling.

Parcel2Go have put together a comprehensive guide, in it you will be shown the ins and outs of how to successfully sell on the three biggest online marketplaces; eBay, Amazon & Etsy.

Comprehensive Guide

The guide will run you through which outlet will be the most cost effective, considering delivery expenses as well. Using utilities such as Terapeak the Google’s Keyword Tool, you’ll get a glimpse of how to properly optimise your listing page to maximise your target audience and make your product much more visible. The more people who reach your product, the more chances you have of selling your unwanted goods.

The guide will also help you understand how to manage potential buyers, whether that’s dealing with disagreements between yourself and the buyer or increasing your positive feedback score to help you sell more. You will come to understand that one of the most influential factors buyer’s consider when online shopping is how reputable you are as a seller, if you are failing to reach 90% and above positive feedback, you will more unlikely to sell your products.

So, do you have items around your house that you are just dying to get rid of?

Take a more detailed look at the Parcel2Go online selling guides and get listing your items today!


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