For many of us keeping a watchful eye on our finances, budgeting and saving those pennies has become a massive and somewhat annoying part of our lives.

Our existence revolves around our paydays, mortgages, rent and bills. It all sounds quite depressing right? Well forget about the state of your own finances for a few minutes and cast your mind to the lives of our much loved Marvel and DC superheroes.

We’ve followed their lives from the pages of comic books to cartoons and TV series right through to the big screen and their action packed movies. You may think they have relatively easy lives – they’re superheroes possessing powers we could only dream of. What could they possibly have to worry about, aside from saving the world, not their financial troubles surely?

But alas, each one has their own set of financial worries, but which one has the worst credit rating? Will it be the high flying, multi-billionaires with their successful enterprises or will it be the unsung heroes, attempting to quietly lead a secret double life?

Will it be Iron Man, Spider-Man, Batman or Super Man? Check out this awesome infographic and take a peek into the lives of our superheroes. We may not have a daily responsibility to save the world, and we may not be in a constant feud with arch enemies like Green Goblin, Mandarin, the Joker or even Lex Luthor, however you may well find we’re not worlds apart when it comes to our financial troubles and that all important credit rating!




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