Another side to the Money Saver Peter Millikin!

I have always been creative and in 2017 I was lucky enough to meet one of the most iconic graffiti artists in the world and on Worthing beach no less. This encounter developed into a great friendship and a trust that has now given me the confidence to get outside my comfort zone of just money-saving and blogging.

To make the most of my new found confidence, I made several pairs of super-bright sunglasses, behind which I could hide. I kept being asked “where did you buy your sunglasses”, many people couldn’t believe they started out as “fashion” sunglasses from Primark.

After adding my creative magic to the frames, posting a few pictures online and wearing them in my own videos, I got enquiries from people all over the world. I have sent my original sunglasses to Germany, Florida, Canada, Poland, Lithuania, even Australia!

I then started making some super bright hangers for friends. Walking through the town with them one day, like the sunglasses, I was asked by several people “where did you get those” When I got home, I thought I’m going to make some more of these!

Then I turned my colourful designs into A4 art in frames, I am very proud to say that to date, I currently exhibit 18 pieces of art in several luxury AirBNB’s.

I have also several canvas pieces in restaurants, businesses and homes and even a few celebrity homes.

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it. To follow my progress – or ask me any questions – please follow me on Facebook or Instagram or go check out my website Killer Pete you will then be able to send me a private message or have a chat if you would like to commission something colourful and original.