Peer pressure is not only for teenagers. Adult friends and family members can pressure you to make all kinds of purchases you can’t afford.

They might want you to go out to lunch, watch something at the cinema or even go to a concert. All of these things cost money, and if you are trying to live within your means they may not be affordable. Use these tips to stay on your budget no matter who you are with on any given day.

Suggest Doing Something Free

Say something like, “Instead of being cooped up in a dark cinema on a nice day like today, why don’t we take a nice walk” This shows that you do desire to spend time with them, but would prefer to not spend extra money.

This can be applied to eating out as well. If it’s a nice day, suggest packing a picnic lunch instead of eating at that fancy restaurant in town.

Save When You Are Out

If you must join someone for lunch, you can still be sensible about the amount you spend. Order just an appetizer and drink water. At the cinema, don’t order popcorn and drinks take some in with you. There are many ways to save even while you are having fun.

Be Firm

If you absolutely cannot afford the cost of a cinema ticket and your friends do not want to enjoy a different, cheaper alternative, then you must learn to be firm. Make a little joke about it but make sure they know it has nothing to do with them personally. You will be glad later that you stayed home when you have enough money for essentials like food, gas or electricity.

Educate Them

If you have friends who spend freely all the time and you can see how it affects them in other areas of their life, then tell them. Explain how you have decided to prioritise so that you can put money away for the future. They may be in a spot in their lives where they really don’t know how to handle their finances and could use a few good tips. Be kind, not fault-finding, and use your own situation as an example.

We certainly need our friends and family around us when times are tuff. But that does not mean we have to spend money every time we are together. Being frugal doesn’t mean living a boring life. Use these tips to say no and still have fun!