When moving to a new house, some items of furniture are among the most expensive things anyone could possibly buy. A three-piece suite, for example, would typically set you back several hundred pounds, while a set of chairs and dining table would cost a similar amount.

For that reason alone, it’s worth trying to save a little, especially if you have a budget to stick to. To stay within your means, it makes sense to get a good deal on everything you buy, but how can it be done? We have a few handy tips on saving the pennies when looking for the furniture that will revamp your home:

Balance Quality And Price

It can be all too tempting to go for the cheapest chair, table or sofa in the catalogue, but sometimes, these products can be a false economy. In some cases, the cheapest products on offer from some retailers have low prices because they have been made with inferior material and, as a result, are unlikely to last as long as their more expensive equivalent.
Try to look at what materials are the most durable – leather is usually a good material for sofas, for example. Look for cheaper products made with more durable materials, as they might offer the right balance between quality and price.

Look Closely At ‘Special Offers’

Some retailers seemingly have sales on that never end. However, some of them can be a little misleading. A survey undertaken recently among UK shoppers discovered that close to 75% didn’t ask about the reference price for an individual item of furniture. This allows some sellers to mark down prices, giving the illusion of a huge discount when they were actually the same price all along.
Asking about the reference price is essential; this will almost certainly make it easier for you to gauge how much you are able to get for your money, as well as what actually constitutes a bargain buy. Asking around several retailers at a time will make this task easier still.

Try To Shop Around

As would be the case with everything else you buy, from groceries to insurance, shopping around for furniture is a good way to yield savings. After knowing the reference price for an item of furniture that you want or need, you should go around several different shops and websites to find out where the cheapest one is, even though cheaper doesn’t always equate to being better.

In shopping around, you might end up buying your products from several different retailers, but the savings could quickly stack up. This might leave you enough money to spend on something a little more luxurious if you, say, leave the sofa or coffee table until last on your shopping list.

All of the above tips will leave you well-placed to save money, although it might take you a little longer than expected to find a bargain. By being patient when looking for something that comes along at the right price, you will eventually save a few pennies at least.