The cost of owning a vehicle and keeping it on the road comes as a shock to new drivers. Older vehicles break down frequently and can end up costing more than a much newer one that’s in good condition.

This is a lesson that new owners take on-board over time by listening to friends about their experiences. It quickly becomes clear that the cost of motoring has to be managed well to keep it affordable.

Here are some suggestions for ways to manage the costs better.

Batch Errands Together to Reduce the Number of Journeys

Cars get worn out the most when taking a series of small journeys to run errands. The more stops made, the worse the petrol mileage is. Restricting the number of shorter journeys ensures that your vehicle will sustain less wear and tear over time and stay-on-the-road longer too.
The best way to do this is to batch together your errands for a particular day of the week and knock them all out in a single afternoon or evening. This is time-efficient and helps to plan your route better. You’ll also avoid impulse purchases far more, which is an extra cost saving there too!!

Be Disciplined About Servicing

Regularly scheduled servicing helps avoid problems with a vehicle. They can tune up the car’s engine during the service. Once that’s done, you’ll save money on petrol over time – as much as 20%. A tune-up avoids the vehicle from developing a problem, which would be costlier to fix.
You can also take care of your vehicle between regular servicing. Changing the oil every 2,500-3,500 miles and replacing the oil filter when needed is a little messy, but older vehicles certainly benefit the most from it. Air filters are also good to replace every 4-6 weeks; not doing so lowers the engine’s efficiency by up to 10 per cent.

Choose Your Cars Sensibly

It’s not always smart to go with an older vehicle that requires more repairs and maintenance to keep running. Deciding on a new car and affording it isn’t easy. Sometimes there’s a gap between when you really should be selling off your old car and buying a new one. What should you do in that situation?
Think about car leasing as an option for the transition time from an older vehicle to a new one. It’s certainly more affordable than taking out a car loan and you can be assured that breakdowns won’t stop you getting into work on time. Calling out the AA for the third time isn’t any fun and your boss won’t enjoy hearing that you’re stuck on the side of the road yet again!

Saving costs when running a vehicle takes some experience. The best things to do aren’t always obvious. Other times, you just need to listen to sensible advice and follow what other car owners are doing. Happy motoring!