Sometimes it may seem that you have cut costs down in your household to the bare bones and don’t know where else you can cut back.

Surprisingly, there are probably still some small things around your house you can do to save on your utility bill. Here are five ways to trim your utility bill a bit more.

Turn Your Lights Off

You have probably heard people telling you this many times before. I certainly remember my Dad sending me back up the stairs to turn off the lights in my bedroom when I had settled back in front of the television downstairs. I think that’s why when he visits me now he sneaks around the house turning my light on. PAYBACK!

If you have children, designate one of them each day or week as the person in charge of lights. Teach them to walk around the house and turn any lights off that are not being used. This gives your child a sense of responsibility while reducing your light bill.

Lower Your Thermostat

You can save about three per cent on your heating bill for each degree that you lower your thermostat. So by turning it down as little as four degrees, you can save twelve per cent on your bill! If you pay £100 a month for your heat, this will save you £72 from October through March. Your family will not even notice the slight turn down, yet you will be saving money.

Use Other Ways to Warm Up

If you walk into the house chilly, your first reaction is probably to turn up the heat. By keeping a sweater and slippers right by the door, you can fend off this urge. Slip into some warm clothes, heat up some chocolate, and snuggle under a blanket with a hot water bottle. You will be cosy and warm while you save money!


Use a power strip to plug in your mobile phones, laptops and other electronics. Then you can easily turn them all off and on as needed, instead of using that electricity constantly.

Weatherproof Your Home

This tip does require some additional investment of time and money but it will pay off in the end. Ensure your plumbing is up to date so it runs efficiently. Putting in extra insulation and weather stripping will stop draughts and keep your home warmer. Replace your windows as necessary.

By using these tips, you don’t have to freeze this winter to save money. Use all of them and you will be surprised at the amount of money you will save.