When you need to sell your house, there are a number of factors that can influence the time it takes to find a buyer aside from the asking price. However, you don’t have to invest a lot of money into upgrading your home in the hope of selling it faster or for more money.

There are many things you can do with little or no money that could dramatically change the perception people have of your house. Here are some simple ways to make your house more appealing to buyers.

Clean Up

The first step to selling your home is cleaning it up. Stains on the carpet smudge on the wall and toys are strewn across the floor distract buyers from the positive selling points, and it makes the home seem less spacious and valuable than it is. Clean up outside the home, as well. Tidy up the garden, trim the bushes back, and cut the grass. Remove the furniture stacked up in the corner that makes the room feel smaller than it really is, or you could replace some of your furniture if it’s too niche or outdated. Self-storage facilities can be considered if you would prefer to store furniture that is of value to you, rather than replacing or removing it completely. Either way, the process of cleaning your home should be seen as an opportunity to get rid of things you don’t need as it will save you from the hassle of moving it later.

Sweep and mop the kitchen, and make sure it smells fresh and clean. The same is true for the bathrooms. Whether a dirty bin or stinking toilet, it will leave the buyer wondering about the quality of the home. Don’t forget to let fresh air circulate through the property, too. This is especially true if you smoke. Also, have the home at a comfortable temperature when visitors arrive.

Minimise Your Presence

You want to make it possible for home buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. This is hard to do if the walls are covered in pictures of your family and personal effects. Make the rooms as open and airy as possible. Do have a few plants or vases with flowers to make it seem warm and friendly, but remove your personal touches.
Another thing you should do is remove any evidence of your pets if you have any. Have the animals stay at a neighbour or friend’s house while buyers come by, since some people can be deterred by the idea of pets living there.

Define Each Room

You want to turn the property into an almost empty palette where buyers can imagine themselves living. However, you don’t want to leave them wondering what to do with a space. This means leaving beds in bedrooms but removing most of the toys and decorative items. It also means you need to restore the dining room to its original purpose, though you may have turned it into a de facto play room or exercise room.

Fix All the Little Things

Home buyers are looking for things to hold against you, whether they see it as one more reason not to buy the house or another item to use to negotiate a lower purchase price. This means you have to take care of all the little things. Change all those burned out light bulbs. Fix broken door handles and doors that stick. Repair holes in the walls, and consider replacing threadbare carpets. You may need to repaint the house to give it a fresh look and clean smell, but know to use neutral colours so that it is easy for visitors to imagine living there themselves.

Follow these tips, and you’ll increase the perceived value and appeal of your home. It takes a little time and effort, but it won’t cost you much money and may end up helping your house sell for more.