It isn’t often the first conversation with a brand is struck up from sitting on a phone without a locked keypad. But it did get a reaction from a very confused co-founder of a software company asking if everything was okay when he received a weird messaged typed from a phone as I sat on it!

In a couple of messages, we discussed his software program that I was using and I complimented him on the ease of use software I was using to display my original art. I told Tobias (co-founder of Canvy) I was so impressed with his software, I would like to write an article about his business and share my own experience and portfolio of transformed art once I had given it a good test drive.

Why I am so Impressed?

Whether you are an established artist or not, once you produce an artistic masterpiece, you normally want to show it off to your friends, family and possibly the world, I know I do. But does the photo you take of your work do your art justice with the natural background you currently have? Mine didn’t, that for sure!

Most of us struggle with editing software and these days if you want to use software programs such as photoshop, you almost need an editing degree, if not a loan to pay for it each month. So even if you manage to find free software to crop out the background in which the art is photographed, then the art can feel like it is missing something without a wall or background behind it. To me, it always felt like one compromise for another.

We don’t all have the luxury of living in a penthouse suite with beautiful objects in the background to demonstrate what the art could look like in the right surroundings nor do we have an endless supply of different coloured frames in many different sizes. This was my biggest problem and why I went on the hunt for a solution to reduce my time and stress editing each time I made a piece of art.

I was going to buy a selection of blank wall picture and use my limited photoshop editing skills and work some kind of solution. But it became overwhelming for me and very time consuming, especially as I now have a large collection of art in my portfolio due to being at home during this pandemic.

I then stumbled across a video on YouTube where the co-founder of Canvy was talking about all the solutions I needed. I went to the Canvy website and signed up for a free trial and have not looked back.

Check out the video below to learn more:


For this article and to show you the results of the software, I have completely revamped my art website portfolio to demonstrate to you how professional this software can make an art look. I think my website now demonstrates you can truly up your art game? Only you can judge that. I used WordPress and the Divi Theme builder to create my website for this project.

Here is the Killer Pete Art Website

I have also included an album below to give you a quick peek into the world and possibilities of the Canvy website capabilities.

Here is the Artwork using Canvy.

Art Credibility

I believe this software helps give your art more credibility, especially if you’re trying to be taken seriously in the art world. I think I have achieved this with the help of Canvy software.

I have thought carefully about what people see and feel when they visit my website and although words are just as important as visual so are visuals, quality is what people expect if they are going to part with their hard-earned cash. People need help with evidence of what it might look like in a home or office environment.

On my website, I chose to have the visitor be greeted with a photo without a wall as it is bigger and once they click it then it sends my potential buyer to a picture with a background image made in Canvy – Neat I think!

The game-changer of this software for me was being able to change the colour of things like a sofa, curtains, even a vase to match the colour in my art. This is absolutely genius and not something many people reviewing the software talk about as important. To me, this is a huge selling point.

Tobias, the founder was so pleased to hear my thoughts he wants you to try it for yourself, he has offered my reader a Canvy 2-month FREE trial.

I hope this software helps you as much as it has helped me.