We all know about the benefit of water, or do we?

Girl Drinking Water From GlassMost of our body is made up of water, in fact 55%-78% depending on size. Do you drink enough water during the day?

Health experts advise us to drink between six or seven glasses of water (approximately two litres) per day. This is the recommended minimum to maintain proper hydration. If you are very active then you’ll need to drink even more water than the recommended amount.

Did you know that drinking water can help you lose weight?

Feeling hungry is often confused with being thirsty, so next time you are tempted by a coffee and a chocolate bar try a couple of glasses of water! You’ll really notice how much it fills you up. You may need to visit the toilet more often throughout the day but that involves you in a little extra exercise so you could be shedding a few calories in the process!

Fresh water at work has been seen as a positive step towards a happier more productive workplace and it can reduce tiredness, light-headedness, headaches and migraines.

Do you care about the environment?

The Rubbish Diet Challenge

For a long time I was guilty of buying plastic disposable water bottles from the supermarket and then throwing away in my rubbish bin when it was empty. Well, until I met Karen Cannard that is – Founder of  the rubbish diet, the UK’s dedicated slimming club for bins!

Karen at taught me how to reduce my household and business waste.

Because of Karen I now think very carefully about EVERTHING that goes in my rubbish bin. (My house is down to one black sack per week) I see Karen in my head shaking her finger when I go near my bin now!


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