There are ten million pounds of food wasted in the UK each year. Something clearly needs to be done about this problem. Those concerned about this astronomical waste will be pleased to know that there is a solution.

The solution solves the problem of tossing out perfectly acceptable food while helping families lower their monthly food bill.

‘Use By’ Date vs. ‘Best Before’ Date

First of all, consumers must understand the difference between the ‘Use By’ date and the ‘Best Before’ date. The ‘Use By’ date is used for perishables such as fish, chicken and eggs. These dates are placed on these items for your safety, and you should never eat food that is past its ‘Use By’ date. Using foods that are past this date can make you ill.

A ‘Best Before’ date is a date determined by the manufacturer to ensure the optimal quality of that product. Basically, the quality may be reduced after eating food or using products that are past the ‘Best Before’ dates. What consumers need to realise is that quality is not going to change overnight. These dates are simply guidelines.

Approved Foods

If a can of beans has a shelf life of two years, do you really think eating them one month after the ‘Best Before’ date is going to affect the taste or quality of the beans?

Dan Cluderay knows the answer to that question, and he started a successful business to address the joint problems of food waste and high grocery bills. It’s called Approved Food, and it’s an online food retailer that specialises in selling foods that are past their ‘Best Before’ date. These items are being sold at drastically reduced prices. Thousands of happy customers have reported that they have noticed no difference in the quality or taste of the items they have bought.

Approved Foods is only online, and they ship directly to your house. It is a cheaper, more convenient option than many of the food saving tips that are normally promoted. There is no voucher clipping, searching for discounts or driving back and forth to the market. You can simply log on to the site, place your order and wait for your food to be delivered.

It’s Cheaper, But Is It Safe?

Tests have been run on foods that are past their ‘Best Before’ date to ensure that there are no bacteria such as salmonella or streptococcus hiding in these foods. Scientists who have tested these foods have assured consumers that these foods are perfectly safe to eat.

So go ahead and slash your grocery bill while helping our country reduce its waste. You will be surprised and pleased at the results.