Every year, tens of thousands of people across the country enjoy the freedom of holiday home ownership with access to their own private caravan.

Owning your own caravan holiday home means there’s no longer any need to plan and book ahead, as well as no taxis to the airport or hotel costs to consider. Simply pack your bags and step into the comforts of your new holiday home.

With your own private caravan, you can take advantage of the added hours at the weekend because you’re no longer restricted to arrival and departure times – think of all that time you’ll save. With that comes less stress, more sleep and an added amount of control you have by staying in your own personal retreat. This means you can arrive when you like, wear what you want, and there’s no chambermaid knocking on your door every morning.

Today’s holiday homes are equipped to the highest standards, with double-glazing, power showers, flush toilets, central heating and stylish ultra-modern kitchens – some even with dishwashers and washing machines – all catering to your every need.

Before committing to the idea of buying a holiday home on a budget, it’s worth spending some time going over the main points concerning owning your own caravan holiday home and the factors that ensure you’ll get the most out of your investment for the future.

Why are you buying?

Firstly, it’s important to consider the overall purpose and goal of an investment. Is the purchase of the caravan holiday home a long term or short-term investment?

With most owners budgeting for holiday homes to be rented out for the majority of the year, it’s essential to ensure that the monthly rental covers the running costs. The costs of running a caravan holiday home include cleaning and changeover costs, council tax, utility bills, marketing costs, agency fees, repair and maintenance, as well as applicable monthly mortgage payments.


There are several factors that can help you such as location; as with conventional properties, prices vary up and down the country, not forgetting the amenities and facilities offered by each park, such as on-site entertainment or a swimming pool. To get the most out of your holiday it’s advisable to choose a park no farther than two or three hours’ drive from home.

What’s included?

It’s also worth checking what’s included in the purchase price of your caravan holiday home. Often, the quoted price should include all furnishings, kitchen and bathroom appliances and other basic equipment. It’s important to check this. If you are purchasing a brand new holiday home, then features such as double-glazing and other luxury options are negotiable. But remember, they’ll only add to your costs.


Many new-build developments and holiday home companies have a wide range of fantastic finance packages on offer for prospective buyers that are definitely worth considering. Purchasing a caravan holiday home on a budget isn’t so difficult once you approach a reputable dealer and have done your research online.