It is always nice to get a mention from the Times and today we received a “Direct Message” on Twitter from Money Central.

“Congratulations @YouCouldSave, you’re on our Money Central Blog for The Top 20 Twitter Accounts to Save You Money.

I follow a lot of the people on the list myself but I have now added the rest and will look forward to tweeting with them over the next year. If you are looking to save money and you want to follow some interesting people then I have put a link directly on each of the 20 Twitter users mentioned by Times Money.

Top 20 Twitter Accounts to Save You Money

Some Twitter fans like to tell you what they had for lunch, others endeavour to save you from financial ruin. TimesMoney reveals its Top 20 Twitter Accounts to Help Save You Money.

1. @MoneySavingPig
Lots of clear and interesting articles to help people make sensible financial decisions. The name is great too.

2. @BitterWallet
Another great Twitter account name – a bitter wallet indeed. As the name suggests it’s a slightly wry look at finances but includes tips to save money – often in terms of what to avoid so you don’t waste it.

3. @PennyGolightly
If there’s a fashion sale happening or a sample to be had free of charge, she’ll know where you can find it.

4. @VouchercodesUK
Ensuring you never pay over the odds for anything from fashion and beauty to theatre and food.

5. @MoneySavingExp
Useful advice for trimming costs and boosting the savings

6. @Moneywatch
This personal finance blog keeping a close eye on all things money-related

7. @Lovemoney_com
How to avoid rip-offs and grab the best deals.

8. @CitizensAdvice
A sturdy resource with sound money advice. It saves you money because it ensures you don’t squander it.

9. @YouCouldSave
The name pretty much sums it up, but for the sake of clarity, you could save money with help from this blog

10. @Dealtastic
Great value gadgets and gifts.

11. @PriceDash
Some more top vouchers to make sure you never pay over the odds.

12. @Citywire
Citywire offers hard news for those interested in the serious side of saving. News and good advice but you’re unlikely to find a 2-4-1 meal voucher here.

13. @FinanciallyPoor
A guide on how to jump from being poor to . . . less poor.

14. @Freefrombroke
It’s an American entry, but some ideas translate well enough.

15. @Moneysupermkt
A good resource for tools to make sure you spend less on bills

16. @SavingGuide
Simple and easy hints. The American coupons might not be so useful but the ‘stingy man’s guide to eating out’ is just as applicable in the UK.

17. @DarrenTMH
Darren TMH, aka The Money Helper, offers his round-up of money news and includes guides to point you in the right direction, ensuring you don’t fall foul of scams or rip-offs.

18. @WhichMoney
Let Which? tell you exactly which deals will save you a bundle.

19. @Vouchermumuk
Giveaways and sales information revealed –  relevant to all keen shoppers and bargain hunters.

20. @TimesMoney
Finally, not forgetting TimesMoney, which endeavours to bring you news, tips and guides from the world of money.

Source of the information “Times Money