We’re always on the lookout to help save energy – and money – when it comes to everyday routines, and saving on the amount of water we use is certainly no exception.

On average, people in the UK use 150 litres of water each day – including 80 litres every time you run a bath, 50-100 litres for a full load in the washing machine, 12-20 litres to use the dishwasher, and as much as 45 litres for a brief five-minute shower.

Obviously the more we use, the more of an impact it will have on both our bills and the environment – so how can we reduce our usage?

By following these simple steps:

For the sink

  • One of the most common ‘water-wasting crimes‘ is leaving the tap running whilst brushing your teeth. Wasting roughly six litres per minute, turning the tap off can save around 12-18 litres per time.
  • Leaky taps? Not only are they annoying, but they’re also costly – losing you over 90 litres of water per day!
  • Furnish your sink with low-flow tap aerators. With traditional taps flowing at an estimated 22 litres, don’t let the water go to waste.

For the shower

  • Whilst you’re waiting for the water to heat up, collect the water in a bucket to use for cleaning or even watering your indoor plants.
  • Try a water-efficient appliance such as a low-flow showerhead. Though it might seem an expensive purchase in the short-term, its long-term investment will be of huge value. With conventional showerheads flowing at around 23 litres per minute, the low-flow models generally run at half the flow – at approximately 11 litres per minute.
  • Given that showers use 45 litres compared to 80 litres for a bath, why not skip the bath and head straight to the shower?
  • Cut down on your showering time. Why not time how long you spend in the shower by listening to the radio? Time yourself by the number of songs played, and see if you can get it down to just one song!

It’s the little things that make a huge difference – so make a change today for a cost and energy saving future.