Having a baby is exciting, exhausting and wonderful. It is also expensive. Many new parents are shocked when they add up the cost of nappies, wipes, lotion, car seats, pushchairs, clothing and all the other accessories that you need or want for your baby.

Here are some tips to help you save on all your baby gear so your focus can be on what is truly important: Your baby!

Forget About Name Brands

Especially with the first baby, many parents want to dress their children up in all the latest fashions. But what you should remember is that babies poop, spit-up and play with their food. Also, they grow fast! So that adorable Ladybird outfit you spent £50 on? Chances are your baby will only wear it once, either because they grew out of it or you can’t get the blueberry stain out.

Shop second-hand or clearance racks. Look for comfort over name brands. Many parents donate their gently used clothing to thrift stores and they look practically brand new. Don’t spend a lot of money on one size because your child will probably not stay in that size for long.

Compare Needs versus Wants

We all want things for our children that we do not really need. Yes, a changing table is a great convenience and can save on your back when changing ten nappies a day. But the sofa or bed works too, and you already have that. You do need a car seat and something for the baby to sleep in. But reign in your enthusiasm for all those cute baby items and evaluate what you truly need.

Use Amazon Family

Amazon.co.uk offers a programme called Amazon Family for parents of young children. When you first sign up, you start with a free three-month introductory period that includes these benefits:

• £10 off a purchase of £50 or more in the Baby Store

• Free one-day delivery on tons of items

• A minimum of £50 worth of exclusive offers each month

• Another £25 off a £50 purchase in the Baby Store at the end of the introductory period

After your introductory period, you will be upgraded to Amazon Prime at the cost of £79 a year. You can opt-out at any time. Amazon Prime comes with many of its own benefits, and the cost of the membership really does pay for itself.

Follow these guidelines to save money and learn to focus more on your baby than what he or she has in terms of material possessions.