Staying in is the new going out or so we’ve been constantly told ever since the financial crisis back in 2008 stopped us all short and made us think more carefully about frivolous spending.

But while you might be spending more time at home in the evenings than you used to, it’s not always easy to think of fun things to do. Sure, you can always buy a nice bottle of wine and enjoy that while you watch a movie, but it gets a bit samey after a while.

Try one of these ideas instead to make your next night in a little less predictable.

Book an Online Psychic Reading

Psychic readings are always interesting and often enlightening experiences. You can find out a lot about your personality through a psychic reading and it can be a great way to help you think through a big decision or to understand what’s causing you to feel stressed.

Many people treat psychic reading as an alternative to a counselling session. You can decide what you want to discuss and you may find out a lot about yourself in the process. The fact that you can do this in your own home and without feeling under any pressure that a formal counselling session might bring adds to the appeal.

Do a Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw?! Surely that’s not going to keep me entertained, you’re thinking. But when was the last time you tried one? Jigsaw puzzles may be simple enough in theory, but as long as you have one with a significant number of pieces, they’re amazingly absorbing. They’re great for sharpening up short-term memory, as you have to recall different shapes and colours and where you saw them, as well as helping you remember how they all fit into the bigger picture. Not only that; jigsaws are great for giving you a break from staring at a screen – of any size – for entertainment.

Suitable as a solo activity, this is also a great option for a whole family to take part in. Divide and conquer; assigning completion of different parts of the puzzle to each person joining in the fun. If you don’t have any puzzles, head down to your local charity shop and look up – they’re pretty much always located on the top shelf!

Make it a Memories Night

Wherever you go on holiday, you’ve probably snapped away and taken tons of photos. You might even have gone to the next stage and taken lots of camcorder footage. But what about when you get home; what do you do with it all? Even if you’ve gone to the effort of actually cataloguing or printing out your holiday photos, you’re unlikely to look back over them very often.

Next time you’re at home at a bit of a loose end, get out the photo albums – or locate the folder you keep them on on your PC – and take a trip down memory lane. Relive the great holidays you’ve had – it might inspire you to save up for the next big trip!

A night in doesn’t have to be a second-best choice – there are plenty of interesting ways to spend time at home. And you can also feel smug about not spending anywhere near as much as you would if you were out somewhere!