Students entering six form or college often want a part-time job. There are many things young adults need and want to buy. The problem is that education should always come first, and many jobs can get in the way of making good grades.

If you want to work while attending school or college, just keep in mind these four tips so you can achieve both “financial” and “educational” success.

Find a Job That Works Around School or College

You must keep education as your first priority otherwise your grades will begin to slip and you will fall behind in your classes. When you are searching for a job, make sure your potential employer know you are in school or college and what your schedule is. Emphasise that your schoolwork comes first. Most employers that hire students will be sympathetic to your school schedule.

Don’t Work Too Much

When you see the amount of your first wage packet, you may be tempted to work even more because having money in your pocket feels amazing! However, you must always remember that school is your first responsibility! If you find you are staying up too late to finish homework, are constantly stressed or your grades are beginning to fall, then it is time to reduce your hours or quit work altogether.

Look For Jobs On Campus

Many campuses hire students for different jobs, whether it is simple maintenance, lawn care or assisting the secretary with errands. This is the ideal job for a student because the campus will obviously understand the student’s need for study time.

Make Use of Your Breaks

If you are given breaks during a shift at your job, use them to study. This will keep you ahead of the game where studying is concerned and will not affect your job. Just be respectful of your employer and don’t try to study when you are supposed to be working!

Having a job while being in school can make your life seem hectic, but it can be well worth it in the end. You will gain working experience, references and possibly learn a new skill. Also, you can begin saving for future expenses that are looming close, such as a new car, clothes, books or even your own home.