Centuries later, Guy Fawkes Night is still a beloved British day of celebration. But, let’s face it, while the United Kingdom celebrates that the plot against King James failed miserably, you do not want your bonfire party to have the same fate!

Here are some quick tips to ensure that your bonfire party is a royal smash, even if you do not have King James’ budget.

Plan Ahead

If you plan ahead, then you are less likely to break the bank. An easy trick to save your cash is to buy party supplies when you know that shops are trying to make room for new stock. Shops usually change stock after various “special occasions” or holidays. This is the time that you can take advantage of the great deals, even if it means that you have to plan a year in advance and store items away in the loft or under a bed!

Pound Shops

A hunt around your local pound shop will make your money stretch further. Party supplies, utensils and snacks can easily add up so these types of shops are brilliant for bargains. You can find virtually everything at your local pound shop. Luckily, if you are hosting a themed Guy Fawkes Night, then you can find items that fit your theme there too.

Chipping In

Bonfire parties are not formal events so if you’re inviting just close friends and family, then asking them to help you prepare things and even bring some fireworks. If friends help with some of the preparations it will be a lot more personal and less stressful to organise. You could also choose to have a pot luck style event where your guests bring a meal instead of you cooking and preparing everything. It’s sometimes a nice way to try out your friends cooking skills! If you haven’t got enough seating or blankets don’t forget to ask your guests to bring their own so they keep warm when outdoors. If you do not specify these things, then some of your guests might assume that you will be offering everything like this!


An easy way to save money is to be flexible about location. Do not feel pressured to create a lavish firework spectacular in your garden. A budget and time-friendly solution might be to make group arrangements to see a professional firework display near your home. If you have your entire guests meet at your house, or another central location, then you can coordinate ways to carpool. Giving each other lifts will also save money on fuel.

Firework After-Party

After the amazing firework show, you can have your guests meet up at your home for a low key after-party. Since you didn’t have to spend money on fireworks, you can indulge your guests with sparklers, hot drinks and other treats. If you have children then plan creative activities, then you will also save on entertainment. For instance, a simple idea would be to have your children decorate their own Guy Fawkes masks.

These are just a few ideas to make this Guy Fawkes party go off with a bang but I’m sure you have many ideas of your own.