If you look around your house, you will probably find a few unused mobile phones in some drawer or just lying somewhere else. Unless you wish to keep these unused mobile phones as memorabilia because we know people like to collect all sorts of things, you may want to sell them so you can get some money.

In these tough times, getting some extra money is always a good idea, isn’t it? Plus, you will find that your current top-of-the-line model will soon be outdated, just a few years down the road. In this light, you should be upgrading your mobile phones, and rightfully, you should also sell off the unused mobile phone.

How do you get money from your unused mobile phones?

Many people go to used mobile phone shops to sell their old mobile phones. Yes, you will certainly get some money but you should know that the return is usually much lower than what your phone is actually worth. The reason is that the used mobile phone shop has to resell your old phone for a profit, and they are actually taking a risk, which means that it’s highly possible that they may not succeed in selling the used phone. This is why you almost always expect to be paid less than the actual value of your phone.

Of course, you should also know that it’s very convenient to sell your old mobile via the Internet. In the UK, it’s estimated that more than 100,000 used mobiles are sold through the Internet each month. That’s a lot of used phones, and it also means that it’s a viable and popular option among modern phone users. Well, the only problem is that you will find so many mobile phone recyclers that you will have some trouble selecting the best company.

How do you find a reputable mobile recycler that pays your top dollar for your used mobile phone?

Top Dollar Mobile consider themselves one of the best mobile recycler on the Internet, and they are there to help you get the top prices for your used mobile phone.

Offering the widest range of test phone models, it is quiet unlikely that you will not be able to find your make and model on Top Dollar Mobile’s easy-to-use website. One of the greatest fears for any Internet user is the navigability of the website and the ease of use.

Top Dollar Mobile  have always placed an emphasis on their customers so they have developed a simple and convenient 3-step procedure to help you sell your old mobiles. The first thing to do is to look for your phone make and model, and then, you have to enter your contact information. After you have received an email confirmation, you will receive their trade pack in a few days. Simply follow the instructions and send your used mobile to them in the freepost envelope, and that’s it! After a routine inspection, you will receive your money.


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