Start your wedding planning now to reduce stress and cost when the day finally comes. The average wedding is estimated to cost around £17,000. Frankly, this is ridiculous. This is a very special day of your life, but it is only one day.

Before starting your plans, remember that the point of the wedding is to marry the person you love and begin a new life together. No one will remember the intricate little details you put into your wedding, so don’t stress about them.

The cost of food, decorations, rental facilities and the dress can add up quickly. Follow these simple tips to have the wedding you want without going into debt on the very first day of being a married couple!


1: Try to serve lunch instead of dinner, as lunch always costs less than a dinner, even if you are serving the same thing.

2: Buffets are cheaper than sit down meals.

3: You can buy beautiful dresses for half the price if you are willing to wear someone else’s. To make it unique, have a seamstress alter it for you.

4: Try these charities or shops for great savings on dresses: Oxfam, Scope, Cancer research, Monsoon, and Debenhams.

5: Scale down on your decorations. Simple often looks more elegant than overboard.

6: Flowers are expensive. Consider using freshly picked if someone you know has a garden. Otherwise, just remember that a single rose can be just as beautiful as a huge bouquet.

7: Choose your reception venue wisely. Consider size and price when choosing your reception hall. If you can combine the reception with the meal, you can save even more.

8: A venue that is already decorated for summer, Christmas or a specific holiday will reduce the cost of your decorations.

9: If you’re having a summer wedding then an outside wedding can be absolutely beautiful and Mother nature will take care of the decorating for you.

10: Find a friend who is a good with a camera and have them take your wedding photos.

The most compelling reason to save money on your wedding is so you can use the money for your future together. Use these tips to save big on your wedding day but most importantly, have FUN!