Cashback websites are online portals that actually pay you to shop. These sites have become quite popular today and there is a vast array of them for you to choose from. However, when choosing a cashback site to join, there are some factors as described below that you should consider first.

How Many Retailers Are Listed?

A cashback site is worthless if they do not offer retailers that you would like to shop with. When comparing cashback websites, take note of the retailers that they have listed. If they have retailers that you enjoy buying from, chances are you will find all of your favourite products and services.

How Will They Pay You?

Another important thing to consider when choosing a cashback site is how they will pay you. While some of these sites still pay in the form of traditional cheques, most of them are now paying by way of either prepaid credit cards or electronic fund transfers. This has made the process much quicker and easier than ever.

Each retailer that the cashback website has listed will offer different pay-back percentages. However, the average rate is about one or two per cent of 20 to 30 per cent of your total purchase. The best thing about these sites is that you can usually receive your money in as little as three days (always check the small print).

Does the Site Offer Bonuses?

In an effort to gain you as a member, many cashback websites offer terrific bonuses. Common bonuses that most sites offer are referral bonuses. In this case, you will get a certain bonus whenever you refer a friend to the site. Some sites will give you the bonus simply when your friend signs up.

However, others will not release your bonus until your friend has used the site and earned a set amount of cash. Additionally, some sites will pay you a small amount of money each time your friends make a purchase. Another bonus that some sites offer is an incentive bonus. You can obtain this bonus after earning a certain amount of cash as specified by the website.

Does the Site Offer Community Interaction?

Another thing you may want to look for when choosing a cashback site is whether or not they offer community interaction. This is often in the form of chat options, friend options, forums and special events. It can be quite fun and even helpful for chatting with other members.

Some sites also offer special events such as parties, greet-and-meets and competitions. These type of events offer you the opportunity to interact with other members and share your experiences and thoughts. Competitions can be extremely fun and rewarding as well.

Make Sure the Site Offers Privacy

Finally, you should always read the terms of the website carefully before signing on to the site and make sure that they offer privacy to their members. In this way, you will not have to worry about being bombarded with dozens of unwanted emails in your inbox each day.

Using a Cash Back Website (Part 2)