Do You Want To Reduce Your Energy Bills?

There has never been a more suitable time to reap the benefits of saving money on your household energy bills. Especially with the rising cost of living!
As the emphasis on reducing our carbon footprint also grows, householders are even more concerned about their energy consumption than ever before. When was the last time you looked into the cost or savings on gas and electricity?

Does your head spins when you think about the work involved in changing energy suppliers? Don’t worry, it really isn’t that hard!

Comparing Energy Supply Prices

It is quite possible that you have been paying over the odds on your utility bills if you have been with the same electricity and gas supplier for a while. You can easily find out if you should switch energy suppliers by looking into independent energy price comparison websites.

The most sensible thing to do if you are not ‘energy comparison savvy‘ is to choose a comparison site that has signed up to the  Ofgem – Confidence Code of Practice. This will make sure that when you receive information about the supplier and the costs for your energy supply, it will have been worked out in a fair and honest way for you.

Here are the energy companies signed up to the ‘Confidence Code of Practice’

which switch websiteWhich? Switch Which is well known for saving consumers money and having detailed reviews on products and services. They boast they can cut your gas and electricity bills by an average £217. Use their impartial energy tariff price comparison engine.

energylinxEnergylinx Energylinx will be able to help you compare all gas and electricity prices from all UK energy suppliers. They say in only 5 minutes you could actually save hundreds. Read the Moneysupermarket energy guides and learn how to keep your costs down. You can switch energy suppliers and see read lots of energy-saving tips on using less energy in your home or business.

the enegy Independent gas and electricity price comparison. They send their tariff data to the regulator Ofgem. They use it to keep the energy suppliers on the straight and narrow. my utility genius The website is quick and easy to use and is why they are called Genius I think! Select the energy fuel you want to compare as a single comparison or joint, gas and electricity together.

uswitchuSwitch Read about all suppliers and look over all the plans and tariffs. Want to see price history or look over customer satisfaction scores? If you’re ready to switch hit ‘compare now’ to see prices for energy suppliers in your area. UK The UK Power energy comparison site is completely accredited to the Ofgem confidence code to compare energy prices for domestic consumers. They have made the energy comparison service quick and easy.

simply switch websiteSimplySwitch Simply Switch says you could save over £300 per year on your gas and electricity bills with their quick and impartial comparison service. Once you’ve saved on these then they also can help compare broadband, mobile phone tariffs and business energy too.

energy helpline Energyhelpline thinks you can beat the energy price rises and say they can save you up to £320 on gas and electricity for your home. They compare all UK suppliers including internet, standard and fixed tariffs. unravelIT websiteUnravelit Unravelit will help you compare gas and electricity prices and switch to a cheaper supplier online in minutes. The first price comparison service to be officially accredited by Energywatch (now Consumer Focus), the UK’s gas and electricity watchdog.switch gas and electric Switch Gas and Electric want to help you find the cheapest supplier of gas and electric. The cheapest supplier of gas and electric is dependent on geographical location and usage.

Making an informed energy switch is an action that will give you access to the cheapest energy supplier. For too long now, energy suppliers have been able to over-charge and surprise people with unexpected costs as a result of maintaining poor billing standards.

Useful Resource:

Citizens Advice –  Have some great advice about swapping energy suppliers you can visit the (Advice Guides) where you will find lots of independent information to help you further.

Ofgem – The Ofgem website has information for domestic and business consumers. From making a complaint to switching your energy supplier. They have a ‘NEW‘, easy to use the website so be sure to check it out after watching the introduction video.