While cash back websites can vary as to the retailers and bonuses they offer, they all have the same premise.

They all offer you the opportunity to get paid for shopping online. However, you may be wondering how to use these sites. It is actually quite simple, and the following steps will show you how.

1: Compare Some Cash Back Sites

The first step is to compare a few of the cash back websites and find one that offers retailers you are interested in. With some of the cash back sites you can also earn money or rewards for referring friends, family, work colleagues or even via your blog or website like me.

2: Join The Cash Back Site

Next, you will want to join the cash back website of your choice. While you are on the cash back site, click on the retailer you would like to shop with. It is essential that you click on the retailer’s link while on the cash back website so that you will get credit for your purchases.

3: Begin Shopping Via Cash Back Site

Once you are directed to the retailer’s website, begin shopping. Shop as you normally would and check out with the payment option of your choice. The cash back website will record your purchase and your reward will show up in your account anywhere between a few hours to a couple of weeks.

4: Cash Out When You Can

Whenever you shop, simply make sure that you log into your cash back account first. When you reach you minimum payment amount, request a cash out immediately. It is not recommended to let your earnings sit in your account as you never know when or if these sites may shut down.

5: Refer People And Get Paid

Cash back websites have become very popular, and in many cases, they can make shopping online much cheaper than shopping in a traditional store. Make sure to refer some friends too, like me you could earn money from this too!

With today’s difficult economy, everyone wants to save money, and cash back sites help you do just that.

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