Computer owners on a budget often look into buying cheap printers and ink cartridges.

However, the fact is that you get what you pay for, and buying a cheap printer is not always the best solution to your budgeting problems.

Are Lower Priced Printers Worth It?

Sometimes, a manufacturer will get you by charging a really low price on their printer but the actual operating costs are obscene. Don’t be lured by the £30 price tag. Dig a little deeper and determine what the actual cost to run the printer is before buying.

Ink Cartridges Are A Constant Expense

An important consideration is the price of the ink cartridges. A cheap printer that requires expensive cartridges is not going to help you out financially. Also, check to see if the printer requires colour cartridges even when printing in black and white. There are many tricks manufacturers use to lure you in and seal the deal, so you need to be careful when purchasing a printer.

Laser Or Inkjet?

Generally, laser printers are more expensive at the outset but have lower production costs than inkjet printers. If you can afford the initial cost, and print mostly text documents, a laser printer can keep your overall printing costs down.

However, if you need to print a lot of colours, an inkjet printer is still probably your best choice. They can print high-quality colour photos, as well as quality text. Their overall production cost is slightly hirer than a laser printer, but some of us feel that the quality is worth the extra cost!

Don’t Buy Features You Don’t Need

Another way to cut costs is to eliminate any unnecessary frills. Sure, the Wi-Fi connectivity option sounds nice, but if you are the only one using the printer it is completely unnecessary. Similarly, if you never have a need to fax anything, don’t be talked into buying a printer that has a fax machine.

Once you have determined the type of printer you need and your production needs, shop around. Don’t accept the first price you see. After comparing different models and prices, you will have a feel for what is a good deal, and you will be better prepared to make your choice.

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